“What are the key moments in the successful presentation?”, “How to expand our business on a global level?” are just few of the topics which will be discussed during the regional meeting BusinessBooster in the city of Varna. The event will take place on the 18th of May in the prestigious restaurant “Marche”. The entry is free of charge, after registration. The meeting aims to support young business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to present their ideas and to develop effectively their business’s potential.

The rest of the covered topics are:

  • How to judge if our idea is a successful one or not?
  • Which are the key points that make a presentation an impressive one?
  • How to present an effective business model?
  • What do the investors look for?
  • What type of financing should we choose for our business?
  • Potential sources for financing.
  • How to expand our business on a global level? (to the USA)